Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rendezvous Complete!

TWO lovely people have reported finding my guerrilla valentine packets and one person - Carol R. - found time to make something by altering the packets' contents.
I adore people who find time to accommodate my whims! Don't you? Doesn't everyone?
So here is what Carol did with her bits and pieces: "I assembled and sewed the book, adding raffia and the Valentine string and some pink and purple accent beads to match the cover and the end papers, then used a metallic paint to accent the recycled cover art."
Then inside the book this is what she did next:

"I had printed out St. T (Sainte Therese) from the blog (see the photo down below in an earlier post) and used her along with acrylic paints and a fortune cookie "fortune" I stumbled across when assembling my supplies. Serendipity!"
- Don't you love the way her cheeks and lips are painted pink? And the swirls of gold paint with dots in the middle? Too cool! -
Finally, another page incorporated the German text from the translated Joan Aiken book and Carol used the horrible copy I did on the fax machine (knowing it would be more resistant to the elements in case it was somewhere where it got w
I gue
ss the valentine was turned in to Carol because she knew a little German and no one else could figure out what in the heck the packet was.
Hence the need for more prominent altered books distributed here and there. Oh, my fingers are itching! Got to find more time in this here world of mine.
I am still wondering who found the packet out by the library duck pond? Ah, questions, questions, and no way to discover the answers. Just try again, I guess. - Signed, The Guerrilla Provocateur

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