Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Library Card ... and it's from ME.

I FINISHED my Library Card Project and I guess I'm sort of happy with it.
I have the last - the 10th section - of the story I wrote and it became obvious how I would decorate my card. It (for me) would have to relate to the story.
So here is the card.
As soon as I have pictures of all the cards - and the deadline is supposed to be March 31 - then we can put the story all together. It may not be a Pulitzer, a Booker, or even Honorable Mention at the State Fair (or county fair) but it's my story ... and I'm sticking with it.
NOW I am working on the next guerrilla art project and I think if may have found the beginnings of it. This evening, while cleaning out the craft room, I found plastic, fold-together, take-out containers. Filled with the right elements, they could furnish lucky finders with the materials to make something wonderful! I'll keep thinking on it and let you know - signed, The Art Provocateur

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