Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remember the Library Card Project?

HELLO there and welcome back. I have had two people finish their library card pockets.
They did an awesome job and set my spine tingling with their great illustrations of sections of the story they were given in each card.
In case you are lost - my Mister is amazed any of you bloggers know what in the world I'm talking about - let me explain: I had gotten some library cards and card pockets from a friend. I wrote a story and cut it into 10 sections, put one section in 10 library card pockets and sent them to 9 people to decorate as they wished. I kept the last one - the end of the story!
Now I have gotten two pockets back - one from Susan Sanford and one from Art in Red Wagons' Kimmie.
They did excellent jobs and have set me a difficult task to make mine as "worthy" as theirs are.
I want to start working on it tonight and will. I'm going to search for some perfect elements and then lay them out ... and who am I kidding? I'll try and be methodical but probably just flat out go for it!
Tune in to see what happens! - The Art Provocateur

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