Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One More Library Card Project Sample

WELL, it's not just a sample. It's the latest addition from Rosie at Ruminations, Rambles, Reflexions.
She sent me a picture of her contribution to the illustration of the simple story I wrote.
NOTE: I said "simple" so that no one gets the idea this is going to be a particularly famous story one day. It's just a figment of my brain cells for now.
I believe this illustrates the part in the story where Johnny almost walks straight into the Ladies Room. However, I could be wrong.
It will be interesting to put these cards together in a small book and look through them in the days to come. I am preparing an e-book in a pdf file, so when it's complete I'll be offering it up if anyone wants to read the whole story and see all these great cards. - The Art Provocateur
p.s. A sudden thought: Maybe this is Mrs. Pinchley, the crabby older librarian! Wow! If so, it's perfect for her back story.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Library Cards to Report

I HAVE received more library card pockets. Things are coming together and there is only one more card in England that has to return "home."
This "mystery" card with the pink sticker came to me at work, delivered by an anonymous player. It turned out to be Carol from the Main Library and I am so happy she has decided to contribute. I will write an epilogue to the story and stick it in the pocket.
I like how she used the library numbering system (Dewey Decimal?) to provide my project with its own section in the library.

JoAnn concentrated on a portion of the story that involved - you guessed it - a doctor! I like the dictionary clip and the underlined words. Everyone, I think, has taken a clue from the bit of the story that was sent to them.

Then I got another card posted, by Dawn, decorated on both front and back. Dawn got the very first part of the story and I really liked her illustration. It set the tone for this dark tale.
The Cat Man is depicted as a small boy looking at the "thing" he sees in his room. And he's called the cat man because of his love of cats and the cat hair that covers his pants in one part of the story.
Nothing against cats, of course.

Part 2, "in which tinfoil and chapstick are applied" uses text from the story and is a card and pocket Michelle decorated.
I like the blue elements, too.
I am so pleased with all part of this project. It has really been fun, and that was the whole object!

Then, Nathalie came along and worked on the jealousy factor of the story. Very smart looking pocket, with male/female interaction. This is another part of the story that just happened to come into my brain while quickly pushing the story along so I could send it out - bit by bit - with the library cards to decorate.
I am going to try and get back here very soon to put links to all these artists' blogs, because you need to see the other things they have been doing too. - The Art Provocateur