Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One More Library Card Project Sample

WELL, it's not just a sample. It's the latest addition from Rosie at Ruminations, Rambles, Reflexions.
She sent me a picture of her contribution to the illustration of the simple story I wrote.
NOTE: I said "simple" so that no one gets the idea this is going to be a particularly famous story one day. It's just a figment of my brain cells for now.
I believe this illustrates the part in the story where Johnny almost walks straight into the Ladies Room. However, I could be wrong.
It will be interesting to put these cards together in a small book and look through them in the days to come. I am preparing an e-book in a pdf file, so when it's complete I'll be offering it up if anyone wants to read the whole story and see all these great cards. - The Art Provocateur
p.s. A sudden thought: Maybe this is Mrs. Pinchley, the crabby older librarian! Wow! If so, it's perfect for her back story.

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